Bricks & Mortar

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Seaside Cottage 8×8 Oil on Canvas Panel on sale at Blue Giraffe Watercolor, Florida 850-231-5112 Sold I am so glad you haven’t forgotten my address! It’s been too long since we last visited. I have an amazing story to tell so come on in and make yourself comfortable. This past week I was wishing I […]

The Wait

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Waiting on a Ride 8×8 Oil on canvas panel $300.00 Hi! I am so glad you stopped by. I love this painting and I love getting to share it with you. My son took this photo at Universal Studios. Priceless. Waiting! These women were waiting on children to ride a roller coaster and judging by […]

Sweet Spot

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It Takes Two 30×40 Oil on deep edge canvas on sale at Gallery East Montgomery, Alabama Hi! I am so glad you dropped by today! Seems like forever since we have talked. Spring is so busy at our house with sports and school that I don’t get to my studio near as much as I […]