Senior Girls 3

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I so loved being with you wed.night. Your journal pages are fabulous! I so hope you are enjoying creating your art journal as much as I am! You are doing such an amazing job and you inspire me to both create and write! The past couple of weeks we’ve talked about justification. Remember the very […]

Senior Girls 2

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My senior girls! I love you for being so kind and attentive last wednesday night. It wasn’t until I got in the car with the twins and they informed me that teaching the entire hour was an absolute NO! So funny! I’m loving that we are doing art journals together to document the year. This […]

Senior Girls

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I am overwhelmed to get to spend Wednesday nights with you!!! This year is so exciting as you complete high school and prepare to go off to college. Your parents have been packing your suitcase for 18 years with all kinds of fabulous lessons and experiences and it is my joy to add a few […]

Holiday Market

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Hey everybody! Its that time again when you need to be thinking about that Christmas list! ┬áHead down to Holiday Market and find that perfect gift! Or invite a friend and just spend the morning talking and browsing the isles. I am excited to be a part of the candle cabin’s booth. I have been […]