Time Flies

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Time Flies Luke is graduating tonight. Ok, I said it out loud and I’m still breathing. I’m just kidding, kind of. When my children were little people would constantly say ” I remember when mine were that age, it goes by so fast!” or “You’re going to blink and they will be headed for college!” […]

Yea! a new Blog site

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I’ve just moved my blog from Blogspot to my self-hosted WordPress site. I’m so excited because I can now incorporate my picture galleries and note card sales with my blog into just ONE site. I have put my new URL on my old blog site and will keep it active for a while. Be sure […]

My Voice

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I could hardly wait to post this blog! Guess who still knows my voice? My Valentine! Saturday, Eddie was heading out to feed the cows and I couldn’t get in the truck fast enough! A chance to see Valentine! I must admit, as we drove over to the pasture, I wondered if she would have […]

My Valentine

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Guess who went home to “greener pastures?” My little Valentine. Eddie and Luke loaded her up ¬†on the cattle trailer sunday afternoon. As I walked out to the trailer from the house, I called her name and she just mooed! Oh my goodness! That sweet thing has completely stolen my heart! I put a little […]

David and Goliath

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I love watching girls tennis. I guess it’s because I played and coached for so many years. My husband, who is the only one in our family who doesn’t play, has learned the game well from watching our children. He probably is the most nervous watching our children play. He plays every point off the […]

Lesson from Fox

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I am so glad you stopped by! I have been missing you and writing and sharing and I am glad to be back. Last Sunday we wrapped up tennis season by heading to the state playoff tournament in Decatur, AL. Both the girls and boys teams qualified to go which meant all my children would […]