Polished Rocks

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I’m showing my age when I ask this question, but do your remember the rock polishing kit? I don’t know if they still make them, but I had one when I was little. I asked for it for Christmas one year and could hardly wait to turn ordinary rocks into precious jewels. I remember opening […]

Baby Moon

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  I am so glad you stopped by! Since Mother’s Day is sunday, I thought I’d introduce you to Baby Moon and her mama, Milky Way. Baby Moon was born about three weeks ago. She gave us quite the scare when she was born. She couldn’t figure out the whole nursing thing. You know me, […]

The Quiet

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I am so glad you stopped by! This morning I took my baby to get her wisdom teeth taken out. we were sitting in the back waiting to see the doctor, and I was struck by how quiet the office was. I felt like my baby was a little nervous so I made mindless conversation […]

Week One

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I am so glad you stopped by! Today is May 1, so I decided to begin my 52 week creative challenge. Have you been thinking about what you might want to create? I ran into a sweet friend not to long ago, and she said she didn’t consider herself to be creative. However, after reading […]