Glitz and Glam

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I’m so glad you stopped by! Summer is flying by and I’m trying with all my might to catch it! I really am. My children call me “Vacation Barbie” because I’m constantly wanting to put off summer reading and math reviews to play in the art room. They secretly love it! I honestly believe there […]

Churches and Chapels

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I am so glad you stopped by. Do your remember as a child intertwining your fingers and manipulating them to form a “church?” I would chant the rhyme, “Here’s the church. Here’s the steeple. Open the door and see all the people.” Then I would open my hands and wiggle my fingers like crazy to […]


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 I am so glad you stopped by! Wow! Have we ever had the rain. I love it! It is so yummy to stay home on a rainy day! I got up early yesterday morning with a cup of coffee and my husband. We sat in my favorite little room, illuminated by the glow of one […]