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I’m so glad you stopped by! After my fabulous day of tea parties, I cleaned house today….well, a little. Every time I walked by my studio door I could smell paint and hear my easel calling my name. Cleaning got cut short, and I spent the afternoon in my studio. The really fun part was […]

Wedding Cakes

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I’m so glad you stopped by. What a fun day MaryCam and I had yesterday! She designed her wedding cake! So fun! She made an appointment with Peggy McKinney of Mckinney Cakes. Peggy is so precious. She met us at the door with a huge hug and a smile and invited us in to look […]

Picture Frames you can Make

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I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve been creating fun things in my studio. KK and I saw some frames we really liked when we were out of town and decided to created some of our own. I thought you might like to see what we came up with.   First I got a piece […]

Dead Lifts

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I’m so glad you stopped by. I was in the gym yesterday with my precious friends Connie and Su Su. We work out together almost every day. When I walked in yesterday I noticed there were dead lifts in the workout. ( Dead lifts are not my favorite…at all) We warmed up and then made […]

The Screen Door

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  I am so glad you stopped by! I love this painting. This was a commission I did for a girl in Franklin, TN. The only request was a specific size and a red barn.  I painted the whole thing with a palette knife. When I was done I was head over heels in love. […]

The Grass is Greener

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I’m so glad you stopped by. I missed being here the last couple of days due to technical difficulties. My cable guy fixed me up yesterday so I’m back. I could not wait to share this photo with you! What is your first thought when you see this photo? Let me start by saying that […]

Stop! Slow! Men at work

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I’m so glad you stopped by! I was wondering if you had ever been just a little late to your destination and thought to yourself, “i’ll cut through the neighborhoods and get there faster.  Only to find yourself zooming right up to the back of a long line of cars waiting and watching a single […]

Date Night in a Pasture

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I am so glad you stopped by! I wanted to tell you about  my last date night. My sweet husband came home from work early the other night and stuck his head in the back door and asked if I wanted to go with him to feed the girls. I rarely pass up an opportunity […]

Guitar Man

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I am so glad you stopped by! I could hardly wait to introduce you to Guitar Man. About a month ago, my son asked my daddy (PawPaw) to paint a guitar man for his apartment. Paw Paw accepted the challenge but never picked up a paint brush. My daddy is a gifted artist. He would […]

The Last shall be First

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I am so glad you stopped by. I am sitting on the porch enjoying my “last” morning of vacation. I’m finishing up my “last” few sips of coffee before I take my “last” jog down 30A. A perfect end to a wonderful weekend. Our culture puts so much emphasis on being first, that they miss […]