Nashville Flea Market

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I am so glad you stopped by! Guess where I went this weekend? If the title of my blog didn’t give it away, I went to the Nashville flea market! I was visiting about 21/2 hours away from the market and thought to myself, perfect timing. I don’t know that my sweet husband would have […]

Handsome & Strong

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 I am so glad you stopped by. I want to show you part of my son’s room. I have loved decorating his room. In my head I want it to be handsome and strong. I think those are fabulous descriptive words that capture my thoughts and feelings perfectly. I can honestly tell you, when I […]

A Little Update!!!

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 I absolutely adore saturday projects!!! I love them even more when I get to do them with my man! Last Saturday I asked him to build me a headboard. I told him I had seen one on pinterest and he could just do that one. Or I could draw him one. My sweet husband said […]