Faceless Angels

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Oil on Canvas Ruthie Carlson

Oil on Canvas
Ruthie Carlson

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed meeting my daddy and Mrs. Brown in my last posts. I have so eloped visiting  and sharing my artful journey to becoming an artist with you!

In junior high and high school. I chose to play tennis year round so any hope of art training was out tot the question. Honestly, I was fine with that decision, because I did loved playing tennis and I didn’t know a soul who “did” art. However, I still created something everyday. I made things. I really don’t even know quite how to communicate what I mean, but I would do things like sit down with homework and draw on every page of my book. (to this day I draw on everything)  I looked forward to class projects. I glued, I crafted, I even learned to sew. Creating was like breathing, and I did it every day without even thinking about it.

Ginny Lu and her daughter Clarke

Ginny Lu and her daughter Clarke

My senior year I was visiting someone’s home, and I remember seeing a painting on the wall that took my breath away. May I introduce you to artist, Ginny Lu Green. I stood staring at her painting completely lost in thought. I wish you could have seen it! I remember it being very large in size, and though it was loosely painted in a soft color palate, it had a strong presence in the room. It was a stunning painting of faceless angels. I stood there and traced every line, shape and bush stroke with my eyes until I was awakened  by someone asking me did I know Ginny Lu.

OK, this was my thought process….” Wait, What? Mrs. Greene? She’s friends with my mom.  I don’t “know”her, but I know who she is. She is a wife and a mom. She goes to the grocery store, I’ve seen her. She is adorable. She has the sweetest smile…she’s a normal person and she has a huge amazing painting in someone else’s home, WHAT? THAT’S what I want to do.”

Could you even begin to follow that? Well, in a nut shell, I was blown away that I actually knew someone that lived in my town that painted real paintings that people bought and put on their wall. That set me on fire and rekindled that dream of being an artist. I wanted to be that girl.

Acrylic on Canvas Ruthie Carlson

Acrylic on Canvas
Ruthie Carlson

Kind of crazy, Ginny Lu doesn’t even know that I have followed her career all these years. I rarely go in a home where I don’t see one of her paintings. I occasionally paint faceless angels because of her inspiration. Her landscapes are beautiful and her palate always dreamy. She’s amazing.

My favorite thing about Ginny Lu is her heart for the Lord and love for her family. Her commitment  to faith, family, and art planted and nourished a dream in my heart. She, like so many artists handed her gifts down to her daughter. Clarke is beautiful and amazingly talented as well.  I am thankful for Ginny Lu and her impact on my artful journey.

love love love Ruthie

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