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Thank you for stopping by!!! I love sharing my artful journey and the artists that I’ve met along the way. This road I’m traveling is amazing, and my goal each day, as a believer in Christ, is to strive to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which I’ve been called. Eph. 4:1.

I have loved looking back and remembering the specific moments that influenced my desire for an artful life. One of those moments I will never forget!  I was in the sixth grade at a friend’s house. However, it’s important you know where I was at that point in my journey. At age 12, I did not have any art in school or any lessons out of school. I’d never seen a gallery or a museum. I’d never even seen an artist except for my daddy. The only artists I had seen were in cartoons with huge smocks and berets. Basically, I was working with a vivid imagination and the craft section of the World Book Encyclopedia.

I emptied my tiny closet of clothes and toys. I put a shelf and a lamp in the closet with a massive crayon box and BOOM…a studio. I finger painted, colored, polished and painted rocks, made candles in dixie cups, dripped crayons on coke bottles, made barbie clothes, and even put rhinestones on all my clothes. It was quite a closet!

Then when I was in the sixth grade, I went to spend the night with my sweet friend Ali. We were headed to her room to put my stuff away, and we got to the top of the stairs and I stopped dead in my tracks. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen! An easel. A real easel, and there was a canvas on it. It was incredible! My daddy did not have an easel. He worked on a table or in his lap. This was like something I’d only seen in books. I will never forget it. The canvas was painted in neutral colors with a faint outline of a figure. I was mesmerized. Once I gained consciousness, I asked a million questions, the first one being, “Who did that?”

IMG_7270Meet Hilda Brown, the artist. Isn’t she beautiful? Her smile is probably one of the warmest things I’ve ever experienced. She has the most gentle spirit and one of the sweetest laughs ever. I remember that day as we talked, she was so humble about her own talent and incredibly encouraging toward my creative desire. I asked about 800 questions and she sweetly answered each one with patience and passion. That was the day I knew I wanted to be an artist.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.59.05 AM I love introducing you to Hilda Brown. You can see more of her work here. You can read her bio and see the list of artists that she has trained with over the years. It is quite impressive. However, It is her gracious heart and friendship that I treasure most. I adore her love for her husband and passion for her family. I love that painting is still a big part of her every day and that she has handed down her gifts to her daughter, Ali, who is also a beautiful painter. I am eternally thankful to Mrs. Brown for loving me and being a part of my artful journey.

love love love Ruthie

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