My Daddy, the Artist

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IMG_2303I’m so glad you stopped by! I love how people are posting things they’re thankful for this month. It is a sweet reminder of God’s gracious provision and blessing. I thought I would put my own twist on “thankful” posting and introduce you to artists that God has strategically placed in my life along my artful journey. So come hang out with me over the next couple of weeks and meet some amazing artists who have influenced my work, encouraged me in my journey, and inspired me to dream big. I cannot wait for you to meet them.

IMG_7244This is my daddy, the artist. I love this picture. This was taken in my studio in  February about three years ago. I had invited  daddy to come make valentines with me. I MADE him put on this apron. He never wore an apron. Honestly, he had paint on almost every article of clothing he owned. I loved that about him. That day was one of my favorites, just the two of us in the studio creating crazy valentines all afternoon.

IMG_7245Daddy’s artwork had a very unique style. I could spot his work a mile away! He painted primarily in acrylic and watercolor. He was a doodler! He had every color marker ever made. He always had scraps of neon card stock,  and he would doodle crazy pictures and write sweet notes to people every where he went. I’ll never forget when he got a helium tank for fun at his office, and every time I stopped by he’d blow up a balloon and attach a neon card with a doodle and a note and sometimes a dollar bill and let it go. Soooo fun! He always carried a water color travel set and painted wherever he was.

IMG_7247He was best known for his fish that he cut out of wood. He cut wild shaped fish and painted them with outrageous colors and designs. However, my favorite part was on the back. Not only could he paint, but he could write as well. He would make up the wildest tales of how  and where the fish were caught and write it on the back. Seriously, it was so amazing to me that he could make up such material that i wondered if maybe the stories were true. Unbelievable.

IMG_2301My earliest memories of falling head over heels in love with art were because of my daddy. I vividly remember watching him paint bold colors and big shapes. I don’t ever remember him actually finishing a piece. For him it was the process of layering paint or tissue paper or whatever else he could find to glue on to his canvas.  I don’t remember him being frustrated or feeling pressure to create for others. Creating for him was fun!  He was one of those people who was creative to the core. He was creating all day long with out even thinking about it. If he was sitting, he was doodling or painting. If he was standing his brain was clicking 100 miles an hour with stories and ideas. His artwork had no rules or boundaries, and I believe that was a big reason why I was brave enough to try it. He loved it, and was passionate about creating, and I wanted that.

If you knew my daddy, then you knew his first love was Jesus. That was my most favorite thing. He loved Jesus with all of his heart and he loved me well. We never had a conversation that we did not share the Lord. Daddy taught me that art was a gift from God, and when I was little he helped me unwrap it a little every day. And when I received the Lord as my Savior, my artful journey had purpose. My desire was to share my gift with others in the same way that daddy shared his with me, and more importantly, to share the love of Christ through art. My creative childhood was an amazing gift! My daddy was my gift. Today he is with Jesus, the King of Creation. I can only imagine what’s on his easel today. He packed my heart and my art box with so many treasures. My very first steps of my artful journey were because of my daddy.

Love love love Ruthie


23 Comments on “My Daddy, the Artist”

  1. Kelley Allen

    Thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t think many things could be more beautiful than the art you create, but these words about your dad create an impression equally beautiful. Love you sweet sweet friend.

  2. Teresa Brown

    Ruthie, no wonder you are such a talented artist. With a Dad like that and a love for Jesus, you can’t lose. I love your work. It is so calming and speaks so much to me. I too love to create. God bless you in all your ways.

    1. ruthie

      Teresa!!!!! You are so sweet to take time to read my blog! Thank you!and thank you for such kind words of affirmation!!! My heart overflows! love love love! Ruthie

  3. Judy

    I absolutely love this story! What a wonderful memory, written so eloquently. I know your father and Jesus have had many a wonderful discussion sitting around his easel and watching over you from above.

    1. ruthie

      Judy!!! Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog! So sweet and thank you for your sweet words! love to you!!

  4. AuburnCathy

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. And I am glad he loved Jesus and taught you to love Him too.

    1. ruthie

      Thank you sweet friend for reading my blog! You are such an encouragement!!!! Oh how thankful I am that he taught me about Jesus! There are no words to describe! love to you!!!! Ruthie

  5. jim poteet

    Your Dad was a MAN!! He and I shared many things, Jesus and art being the main #1. I have many fond memories of him and I have two fish on my wall-see them every day and think of Steve!! It is wonderful that you are following in his footsteps and carrying on the “Family Tradition”! Your work is exceptional and very pleasing to the eye!! Your Mom and Peggy, my wife, grew up on the same street in Selma!! I will be a follower of your postings! God Bless, Jim Poteet

    1. ruthie

      Dr. Poteet!!!! You have no idea how much it meant to me to hear from you!!! And thank you for reading my blog and for your sweet words!!! I kind of think he was the man and I know he would have said the same for you! He loved you! He loved well i think! Oh how I love to paint and I know that it is my gift from Jesus as well as PawPaw! Your sweet words of encouragement have filled my soul today! thank you so much! truly you have no idea! Oh my goodness, you have so made my day! love love love Ruthie

  6. Lynda

    I like your plan to featur people who’s influence meant a lot to you. Loved this piece about your father. I would have enjoyed having him as a next door neighbor. May the Lord Bless and Keep You daily.

    1. ruthie

      Lynda!! Thank you so much for reading my blog! And thank you for your words of encouragement! I know! I’m so excited to share my journey and the artists that have played such a big part! Its been a fun road for me to travel and remember! And my daddy? He was a ball! and yes, I know you would have enjoyed him next door to you! Thank you! love love love Ruthie

  7. Marty

    I’ve never met anyone like your dad. He was a joy and a treasure to know for just the few years I had. I miss his quirky funny self! Thanks for sharing your memories of him.

    1. ruthie

      Marty!! Thank you for reading my blog! You are so sweet! Thank you for your sweet words about daddy! I miss him every day!!!!! I am so glad he got to know you!!! love love love R

  8. Deana Chapman

    Seeing the picture of your dad just makes me smile to my core! Such a wonderful man and creative artist. And you, my sweet friend, are so very like him!

    1. ruthie

      Thank you sweet friend and thank you for taking time out of your day to not only read myblog but to take time to respond!!! Your sweet heart blesses me! love to you!!!! R

    1. ruthie

      Diane!!!!! My joy to hear from you! I miss you and hope you are well! I love that we share the gift of salvation and one day miles and miles will not separate us! love to you dear friend!!! R

    1. ruthie

      My sweet sweet baby girl! I love you! Everyday I learn something from you! “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly and beyond anything we can ever ask or even think” I love you!

    1. ruthie

      Irene!!!!! Thank you for reading my blog! You are so sweet and always traveling that artful road as well! love to you!!

  9. Sonya abner

    Love…Love….Love !!! What a blessing!
    Thank you for sharing!! I knew he was a special man….but knowing the stories you shared….just wow!!! I remember his smile….and how our office would reach a new level of energy when he walked in! :->

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